Thinking about buying or selling?  In either case, you have to start with with the foundation of any real estate transaction.  The value.  

Do you know the value of your home?  What is my home worth is a question that every home owner should know.  If you don’t, you’re at a district disadvantage in the marketplace!  

When you’re looking to buy a home, or sell your existing home, if you know what the market value of your property is right now, then you have the upper hand.  No one can low ball you, or coerce you into listing for less than you should.  

You have control over your destiny when you really know your home’s value.  But how do you find out what your home is worth? The answer is:  get a competent, straight forward agent to make a home valuation for you.  Not after you’ve hired them to sell your home, but before!  Do it once a year, whether you are selling or not.  Use someone you trust.  

If you would like a free home value estimate, you can get it online without needing to talk with anyone.  Just got to and click on the “What is my home worth?” box or menu item at the top.

Real estate, especially in San Diego or Southern California can be tricky, and agents are savvy.  Don’t be left without a clear understanding of where you stand in the market.  Find out what your home is worth today.  I can help!

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